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ICCS5 - Adaptation to Climate Change: 5th Conference on Climate Services

Prof. Dr. Maria Manez (GERICS) at the ICCS5 © GERICS

The international Climate Service Partnership (CSP) is an informal, interdisciplinary network of climate information users, providers, donors and researchers. The basic tasks of the secretariat include the creation of a newsletter, the management of the CSP website, and the organization oft the conference series "International Conference on Climate Service"s (ICCS). Since June 2015, the CSP secretariat is hosted by GERICS.

The fifth International Conference on Climate Services (ICCS5) successfully took place in Cape Town 28 February - 2 March 2017. The ICCS 5 was organised by GERICS, and the local partner University of Cape Town (UCT).Over the three days, sessions covering a wide range of subjects provided us with insights on how the arena of climate services is developing, and where the limits and gaps in its development exist. We were also witness of a market place in which different activities, projects, products, and services were interactively presented.

For more details on the conference (including an overview of the activities and access to the presentations) please visit the conference homepage under
Climate Services Partnership ICCS5