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GERICS participated in expert meeting in Sao Tome

Expert meeting to assess progress made in the process to formulate and implement National Adaptation Plans (NAPs)

The national adaptation plan (NAP) process was established under the Cancun Adaptation Framework (CAF). In its frame, national adaptation plans (NAPs) are formulated and implemented. They identify climate adaptation needs and propose developing and implementing strategies and programmes to address those needs. It is a continuous, progressive and iterative process which follows a country-driven, gender-sensitive, participatory and fully transparent approach.
further information on National Adaptation Plans

Between the 7th and the 9th of February representatives from the Least Developed Countries Expert Group (LEG) and other countries with adaptation needs as well as supporting institutions met in São Tomé to discuss the progress made in the development of the NAPs. The meeting in Sao Tome was the last meeting before the preparation of the synthesis report “Progress, experiences, best practices, lessons learned, gaps, needs and support provided and received in the progress to formulate and implement national adaptation plans.” to be submitted to the Subsidiary Body for Implementation (SBI).

GERICS researchers, Claas Teichmann and María Mánez, presented GERICS research and products and initiated fruitful discussion and cooperation with individual participants. The meeting provides insight in the national processes of different countries by the creation of the NAPs.

Gruppenfoto Meeting Sao Tome