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The third INNOVA project E-zine on Urban Climate Adaptation

Focus theme: Climate change at the Baltic Sea Coast

This e-zine is about climate change and climate adaptation, and is intended to inform you about the efforts urban governments are taking to adapt to climate changes we all face, and on the use of data. We will focus on three European cities and two small island states: Kiel Bay in Germany, Nijmegen in the Netherlands, Valencia in Spain, and the islands of Guadeloupe & Martiniquein the French West-Indies.

Third edition focus theme: Climate change at the Baltic Sea Coast

INNOVA e-zine 3

The e-zine of the INNOVA project describes the Innovation Hub Kiel Bay on the Baltic shore of Germany, one of the most important tourist hotspots in the region. An essential element of its attractiveness to the seasonal influx of tourists is its sandy beaches. Changes to the character of the beach, and the beach experience, can therefore have an impact on tourism. Beach wrack is a mix of algae and seaweed that is naturally washed onto the beach. This e-zine describes the effects and opportunities of beach wrack washed up on shores of Kiel Bay.

The e-zine was initiated by INNOVA (‘innovation in climate services provision’) project and is funded by the European Research Area for Climate Services(ERA4CS).

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