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Supporting climate action in the agricultural sector

New GERICS article on openaccessgovernment.org

How innovative climate service products can help inform climate adaptation and mitigation, particularly within the agricultural sector.

Climate change has already negatively affected the agriculture sector in Europe, and the number of climate extreme events negatively affecting agriculture in Europe is projected to increase. Sustainable land use and management approaches need to be informed by climate services to find optimal solutions under changing climate conditions. Such climate services are based on climate model simulations projecting future climate evolutions.

Based on large regional climate model ensemble simulations GERICS co-develops climate service products in collaboration with key practice partners. In the following, two recent example projects are presented, in which GERICS develops simulation based products in new digital formats to inform climate adaptation and mitigation in the agricultural sector.

Climate Information for adaptation to climate change in the agricultural sector - ADAPTER

ADAPTER Klimakalender see also ADAPTER Homepage

New digital format to transfer knowledge regarding mitigation potential in agriculture (Soil Carbon App)

As a tool to implement mitigation requirements in the agricultural sector, GERICS is developing a Soil Carbon App that delivers land surface and climate data for Germany for future time periods, focusing on effects of land management methods on carbon storage in agricultural soils.
The app will be released in autumn 2021.

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