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Pacific Ocean Pathways in Support of Sustainable Development: an Integrated Approach (PACPATH)

New international project with GERICS participation

María Máñez and Louis Celliers from GERICS participate in PACPATH and will lead workpackages each.

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PACPATH aims at establishing a forum for the integration of different types of knowledge from stakeholders ranging from academia to government and civil society in a transdisciplinary approach and paves the way for a transition to sustainable research capacity building.

Stressors and kinds of knowledge identified in the regional SDG projections pathways in the Pacific will be specifically re-framed with the pertinent societal actors in the initial phase of the project.

It is specifically intended to:

  1. Analyze the importance of SDG14 for the Pacific Islands, considering climate change pressures such as ocean warming, ocean acidification, sea level rise and ocean deoxygenation.
  2. Quantify the linkage of all SGDs to SDG14 through the integration of different knowledge forms from academic to local, and the establishment of specific demonstrators in the Pacific Islands.
  3. Co construct direct and indirect indicators and interactive indicator tools with contribution of local stakeholders, environmental social scientists, economists and operational centers (national and international)
  4. By co construction, identify the information, targets and expertise needed regarding research capacity building, participative research, acquisition.
  5. Ensure that networks that created will remain in the long term by securing funding and rooting in sustainable structure.