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The Net‐Zero‐2050 Web-Atlas: Using a digital tool for knowledge transfer

OAG eBook Net-Zero-2050 Web-Atlas

This eBook presents the research approaches of the Helmholtz Climate Initiative and one of its most important knowledge transfer products, in which the central results of more than two years of interdisciplinary scientific work of Cluster I (avoidance of emissions) are summarised in a generally understandable way and visualised: in the Net-Zero-2050 Web Atlas.

The GERICS authors explain, among other things, what this web atlas archives, what information is made available to users and how, and what the overarching intention of this product is.

Please read the full eBook here (OpenAccessGovernment)

Net-Zero-2050 Web-Atlas (German/English) Netto-Null-2050 project website More on Net-Zero-2050 project (Cluster I, Mitigation)


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