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Vanessa Reinhart

Vanessa Reinhart (2022)

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Vanessa Reinhart completed her PhD on "Implementation of Land Use Change in Regional Climate Models" at GERICS in 2022. As part of the Helmholtz Institute for Climate Service Science (HICSS), she is working on the LANDMATE project to investigate the impact of land use change on regional climate in Europe.

By analyzing historical land use datasets, she developed methods and tools to improve the resolution and accuracy of land use change representation. One of the goals of the work was to develop robust land surface models, which will also be applied in scenario development of regional climate in Europe with REMO-iMOVE in the further course of the LANDMATE project.

In the project CoKLIMAx - Climate Impact Adaptation in the City of Constance, which started in November 2022, Vanessa Reinhart is working on the integration of available climate and geodata into the administrative processes of the city of Constance. In addition to an extensive needs assessment, this includes the development of workflows and tools for data integration that are customized to be used in administrative processes in the city of Constance.

Vanessa Reinhart's research currently focuses on remote sensing, GIS, climate modeling and climate services for municipalities. Due to several research stays in Nepal during her studies at the University of Hamburg (Geography), her personal research interest is additionally in the field of high mountain climatology.tilized the observed data in her master thesis, where she tested the sensitivity and performance of the Weather Forecast and Research model (WRF) to different parameterizations of the planetary boundary layer.