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PACPATH - Pacific Ocean Pathways in support of sustainable development

Billions of people depend on the Ocean for their livelihood and food supply, and increased eff orts and interventions are needed to conserve and sustainably use ocean resources at all levels, building the foundation for implementing and achieving the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) devoted to the Ocean: SDG 14. The United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030) has been established with the purpose of fostering “participative and transformative processes so that scientists, policy makers, managers, and service users can work together to ensure that ocean science delivers greater benefi ts for both the Ocean ecosystem and for society”. Ocean stewardship is central to the health of the planet and the well-being of Pacifi c peoples, is critical to achieving SDG 14 and the other 16 SDGs, as stated at the COP26 during the Ocean Action Day, and in the upcoming United Nations (UN) Ocean Conference 2022 objectives.

PACPATH aims to co-design a robust strategy, projects and services to develop coastal and off shore ocean´sciences, ocean stewardship and prototype innovative sustainability pathways. Building on existing networks, organisations and people, from the South Pacific regional scale, to coastal community scale, PACPATH will host transdisciplinary workshops during its fi rst phase (2022-2023) starting with pilot regions, in Fiji and New Caledonia, to engage local actors, civil society organizations, customary authorities and policy makers.

Expected results

  • Reinforce a common understanding of the state, variability, and change of the Ocean at local to regional scales;
  • Reinforce networks, institutions and organizations for sustainability;
  • Coconstruct ocean research projects and services that have the best chance to turn into eff ective actions;
  • Support governance and policy making for the ocean-climate nexus for improved policy effectiveness;
  • Combine traditional and local knowledge with scientific knowledge to promote ocean literacy.
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