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Session on Climate Data and Projections

Dr. Claas Teichmann, a GERICS scientist, hosted a session at the UNFCCC National Adaptation Plan Expo in Songdo, South Korea on 9th April 2019 about ‘Climate data and projections with a focus on <2°C’.


Claas Teichmann (GERICS) and Mokoena France from Lesotho

Claas Teichmann provided an introduction to climate modelling, and also explained bandwidth of possible future climate developments and ensemble techniques. He further coordinated an interactive session to identify the climate impacts and indicators in which the participants from different continents were interested.

Claas invited the presenter, Mr. Mokoena France from Lesotho, to share his experience of obtaining and analysing climate data and projections in the Southern African region, especially in Lesotho. Mr. Mokoena shared his experience of using free data from the WCRP-CORDEX initiative for further analysis by using similar steps Claas presented and applying it to Lesotho.

At the climate data and projections session, a list of GERICS products were introduced in the session. GERICS Climate-Fact-Sheets were shown as an example of the application of data and scientific based assessments in climate which could assist the users. The Climate-Fact-Sheets give a summary of important climate indicators for individual countries or regions. Information on data use, availability of data and its application for climate projections, were introduced by Claas. He also talked about the higher resolution CORDEX-CORE ensemble (25km grid resolution), which is currently being produced and will be available in the second half of the year.

GERICS is coordinating two sessions during the NAPExpo 2019, in South Korea.

Information on session "Climate data and projections with a focus on >2°C" (GERICS) NAP EXPO 2019 Programme
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