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HI-CAM // Net-Zero-2050

First results published on website

Netto-Null Deliverable

The first results were published on the website of "Net-Zero-2050", Cluster I of the Helmholtz Climate Initiative. On the one hand, official milestones were reached, namely in project 1.2 the report "Scenario definition and consistent parametrization of all mb]odels" and in project 2 the short report about the regulatory framework for direct air capture (DAC).

On the other hand, several project briefings have been developed in interdisciplinary and cross-research teams in the last months. These documents aim to support cooperation via the team of about 80 people by summarising important basic principles in a concise manner.

The Helmholtz Climate Initiative is financed by the Helmholtz President’s Initiative and Networking Fund. In Cluster I, 10 Helmholtz Centres are involved in four projects and two case studies.