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"Resilience through climate services"

"Toward the grand transformation" by Daniela Jacob and Guy P. Brasseur

One Earth_title_Voices through climate services_DJ

GERICS’ Director Daniela Jacob is part of a new publication in Science Direct. The journals name is “One Earth”. As an institution of Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon, resilience is an important issue – also for the work of her colleagues and herself. Climate services can provide valuable information that can help society to enhance resilience, survive, and even prosper in the face of climate risk. However, priorities might differ across sectors, regions, and scales. The question in the publication: What are the priorities to advance and deliver climate services for resilience and preparedness?

Daniela Jacob gave e detailed answer to this question: “Toward the grand transformation addressing climate change with sustained solutions requires profound modifications in society’s mode of operation. We must redefine the way in which we produce and consume energy, develop and manage cities, organize mobility, conduct agriculture and produce food, and limit water and air pollution and in which rich nations interact with poorer populations, while also adapting to the changes in climate resulting from our past actions.”

You can find the full article here:

Science Direct: Resilience through climate services