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IMPACT2C Web-Atlas

The interactive IMPACT2C web-atlas shows what consequences a temperature rise of 2°C can have for Europe.

It is based on research results obtained by scientists from 29 research institutes from 17 nations, coordinated by GERICS, from 2011 to 2015 within the framework of the EU project IMPACT2C.

Titel I2C Web-Atlas

It was investigated how an increase in global temperature of 2°C affects the climate, energy, health, agriculture and forestry as well as ecosystems, water, tourism, coasts in Europe and some key vulnerable regions (Bangladesh, Africa (Nile and Niger basins), Maldives).

In order to illustrate what could be avoided by consistently implementing the mitigation goals, the atlas also uses case studies to show the climatic effects of global warming of 3°C.

The results of IMPACT2C show that global warming of 2°C will lead to changes in many areas of life. This affects not only Africa and island states, but also, to a lesser extent, Europe.

Video: The IMPACT2C web-atlas in 2 minutes The IMPACT2C web-atlas

Examples of different thematic representations from the web-atlas

Summer Heat Waves
Extreme Floods
Mean Water Temperature