GERICS is part of national and international networks of institutions working in the field of climate change. Examples of such networks are the partner network of the EU project IMPACT2C or the national webportal „“.

IMPACT2C Web-Atlas

The web atlas of the (now completed) EU project IMPACT2C (Quantifying projected impacts under 2C warming) supports as a new product GERICS’ key tasks as well as the economic, environmental and climate policies of the EU in international negotiations e.g. COP 21. It has been nominated for Austria’s prestigious IT business award „eAward“, category Web & E-Commerce. IMPACT2C was a four year multidisciplinary and Europe-wide EU research project (29 partner institutions, coordinated by GERICS) and assessed climate change impacts due to +2°C global warming for Europe and three particularly vulnerable regions of the world (Bangladesh, Niger, and the Maldives), regarding vulnerabilities, risks and economic costs.
IMPACT2C Web-Atlas

See also article "Consequences of rising temperatures for Europe" on the Earth System Knowledge Platform (ESKP) of Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft See also article "The IMPACT2C web-atlas: Raising policy awareness on the potential impacts of climate change" on The IMPACT2C project


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The web portal Klimanavigator brings together actors from the research landscape in the field of climate research and provides guidance. The portal is sustained currently by more than 50 partner institutions from climate research in Germany – across all institutional and professional borders.

In category "Klimawissen" a link leads to “Dokumentenserver Klimawandel” (see below).
Homepage Klimanavigator (in German only)

Document Server Climate Change (Dokumentenserver Klimawandel)

In order to sustainably harness the knowledge gained from German research projects on climate change, a knowledge archive “Dokumentenserver Klimawandel” has been established. Material produced by the KLIMZUG projects served for the creation of the archive as a pilot project. The acronym KLIMZUG stands for “Climate Change within Regions”. The server is conceptualized by GERICS and Hamburg University Press.
Dokumentenserver Klimawandel (in German only)

See also article "Preserving the knowledge of climate change research projects" on the Earth System Knowledge Platform (ESKP) of Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft