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Digital Earth

The project is being funded through the Future Themes funding line from the Impulse and Networking Fund of the Helmholtz Association.

The Project Digital Earth project is developing new methods to bring together data from atmospheric, ocean and terrestrial research and make more efficient use of it. New methods of data science such as machine learning will be used and further developed for applications in the earth sciences. Close collaboration between scientists and data scientists is needed to better understand processes in the Earth system and to provide answers to climate change, resource security or environmental hazards challenges.

Digital Earth was initiated as a strategically important project of all eighth centers of the research field Earth and Environment of the Helmholtz Association. The project is coordinated by the GEOMAR Helmholtz Center for Ocean Research. It complements two other Joint Research Infrastructures Initiatives (MOSES) and Earth System Modeling (ESM) with the objective of further pursuing the objectives set in the forthcoming PoF-IV phase.

GERICS focuses primarily on aspects of the "Data Exploration Framework" for digital exploration and integration of climate and environmental data from observational data and model simulations with the aim of using it for climate services. In addition, GERICS WP4 coordinates "Success Evaluation" and develops criteria for evaluating Digital Earth's interdisciplinary processes and outcomes in terms of benefits and advances in science and practice.

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