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ProPolis is one of three projects within the BMBF funding measure Urban Climate under Change. The aim of the funding measure “Urban Climate Change Phase 2” is to further develop the urban climate model PALM-4U developed in the first phase into a practical model and to transfer it into operational use at the end of the funding phase.PALM-4U should be able to support the daily planning work in the urban environment and thus contribute to the adequate consideration of urban climatological aspects.

In ProPolis, the prerequisites necessary for the long-term operation of PALM-4U are being developed and summarized in a continuation strategy. Essential components for this are the IT infrastructure, the practicability from a users’ perspective and capacity building in the target group.

For the practicalability, it must be ensured that the model can be applied to and solve questions relevant to urban planners and that the model can be suitably operated by users who do not have proven expertise in dealing with numerical models.

The latter is achieved by the technical development of a user interface and by conceptual development of training courses. In addition, a so-called community of practice is being established, which will enable an exchange of experience and mutual learning among users.

All this is only possible with the involvement and close exchange of information with partners in practice. 12 cities and one company are providing significant support to ProPolis and will be closely involved in the development over the next three years through numerous different event formats.

Project partners in the ProPolis project are the Climate Service Center Germany, the German Institute of Urban Affairs, the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics, GEO-NET Umweltconsulting and the Technical University of Dortmund.

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