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H2Mare (2021-2025)

H2 Mare (BMBF_FZJ)

Graphic: Project manager Jülich on behalf of the BMBF

H2Mare is one of three hydrogen flagship projects, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) with a total of up to 740 million euros. In H2Mare, the production of green hydrogen and a range of different secondary Power-to-X (PtX)-products with offshore wind power will be investigated together with around 32 partners from science and industry, over the four year lifetime of the project. As a versatile energy carrier, green hydrogen is considered essential for the energy transition. Compared to onshore wind farms, offshore plants benefit from more stable wind conditions and accordingly generate significantly more electricity. Furthermore, larger areas are available at sea with fewer conflicts concerning their use. As infrastructure for the connection to the power grid is not needed, direct offshore production of hydrogen and other PtX-products can in addition significantly reduce costs. H2Mare aims to investigate this potential along the entire value chain in more detail in four projects. GERICS, together with three other institutes of the Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon is involved in the H2Mare projects PtX-Wind and TransferWind.

GERICS is responsible for the acceptance analysis and stakeholder engagement in these projects. In order to be able to build and successfully operate a platform for PtX production on the high seas in the future, relevant stakeholders should be involved at an early stage. The acceptance of the offshore platform and the resulting products as well as the consideration of societal concerns is an important prerequisite for the later successful adoption of research results into large-scale application. In a first step, we will identify relevant stakeholders and analyse their concerns and positions. In interviews and workshops, stakeholders will then clarify and discuss their different positions. Acceptance factors that appear critical for the successful realization of the project and subsequent large-scale implementation will be regularly fed back to the project consortium and systematically processed. The outcomes will support the development of group-specific knowledge transfer activities in H2Mare.

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