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OptFor-EU - OPTimising FORest management decisions for a low-carbon, climate resilient future in Europe

January 2023 - December 2026

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OptFor-EU aims to co-develop a Decision Support System (DSS) with forest managers and other forest stakeholders, that provides them with suitable climate adaptation and mitigation options for science-based optimising forest ecosystem services (FES) (including decarbonisation) and enhancing forest resilience and its capacities to mitigate climate change across Europe.

Based on exploitation of existing data sources and state-of-the-art modelling tools, use of novel Essential Forest Mitigation Indicators and relationships between climate drivers, forest responses and ecosystem services, OptFor-EU has five specific objectives:

• Provide an improved characterisation of the Forest-Climate Nexus and FES;
• Utilise end-user focused process modelling;
• Empower forest end-users to make informed decisions to enhance forest resilience and decarbonisation;
• Provide a novel DSS service; and
• Bridging different EU strategic priorities, robust science, and stakeholders in the forest and forest-based sectors.

The methodology is based on a supply-demand approach and combines an iterative process of data consolidation, modelling, and co-development of solutions alongside forest managers and other practice stakeholders in regions and case studies in Europe.

The GERICS team implements future forest management scenarios into regional earth system modelling and investigates the simulated effects and feedbacks of land use changes and climate-resilient forest management measures in Europe under present and potential future climate conditions. The scenarios are developed according to user priorities and the results will be tailored to forest stakeholders and support suitable climate adaptation and mitigation options for enhancing forest resilience and its capacities to mitigate climate change across Europe.


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