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IMPETUS4Change - Supporting the formulation of adaptation strategies through improved climate predictions in Europe and beyond

The overarching objective of IMPETUS is to improve near-term climate information and services at local to regional scales where impacts are most keenly felt and on-the-ground adaptation is implemented; further, IMPETUS will strengthen and support the alignment of said services with end-user adaptation planning needs through improved accessibility and usability. WPs in which Hereon (GERICS) is involved are written in bold:

WP1 – Knowledge networks towards societal transformation
WP2 - Improving Seasonal to decadal predictions
WP3 - Regionalization of climate predictions
Convection-Permitting Regional Climate Models (CPRCM) simulations (on timescales targeting around 30 years) with urban schemes turned on will be run to train and evaluate the hybrid downscaling techniques (e.g. novel model emulators) and to feed in to urban impact assessments in WP6.
WP4 - Near-term hazard assessment
WP5 - Blending forecasts across timescales
WP6 - Demonstrating urban climate futures
WP6 will support adaptation and planning efforts of urban and metropolitan areas through provision of local-scale near term decadal prediction incl. well aligned assessments of impacts and risks and co-developed climate services.

In the frame of the project we will further test and develop REMO w.r.t. convection permitting modelling and urban modelling by applying it to new test cases together with the community and introducing an urban scheme.

The knowledge gain, the created ensemble of simulations and the improved REMO model can be used by GERICS for present and future climate services and related activities. Hamburg is one of the technological test-bed cities making use of and strengthening the cooperation between GERICS and Hamburg. Finally, Impetus4Change aligns very well with WCRP CORDEX FPS URB-RCC (that Peter Hoffmann from GERICS is co-coordinating with Tomas Halenka, Charles Univ. of Prague - also part of IMPETUS consortium - and Gaby Langendijk from Deltares).

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